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2 on 2 Fuuty

Puppet Soccer Champions - Enjoy playing soccer at the Comfort of your Home !

2 on 2 Fuuty is fun soccer game. Pick your nation and try to win the cup. Teams are divided into classes, but that is not fixed. Classes change each week depending of team's placement in previous week's championship. So, for example, Brazil can be Class 1 this week, but if they perform poorly, they can fall to Class 6. !

Controls of the Game

Arrows or WASD = Move

V or CTRL = Shoot

Tips and Tricks to Play 2 on 2 Fuuty

To spice up things, we have added one more 'trick' - the game doesn't begin with 0:0, but with certain advantage for the computer opponent. That advantage can be 1:0, 2:0, 3:0... and depends of classes of your and opponent team.

game review

2 on 2 Fuuty is one of the bestt football potentially games and also electric and exhilarating; it simply creates a sense of continuity between the two players. Super fun game, hope you will enjoy it!