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Puppet Hockey

Puppet Soccer Champions - Enjoy douchebag Workout at the Comfort of your Home !

Play Puppet Soccer Champions and help this ugly guy get into shape, build some muscles and win chicks! It's basically a workout and dating simulator. Become an ultimate douchebag by visiting gym regulary, using all kinds of products (from legal protein bars to illegal steroids sold from suspicious looking guy in the parking lot). Browse through a big collection of most horrible looking clothes, get a bad haircut, add some tan and watch your character become a real douche. Find out what kind of guys girls are really into.

Controls of the Game





Tips and Tricks to Play Puppet hockey

You can choose between different countries.

If you win the game you get a trophy.

Different characters have different skills.

Try shooting the pak in the air to get to the goal more easily.

You can freeze the enemy character.

Try not to stand too far from the goal.

Your positioning is crucial.

Collect the boosters in the air with pak.

If you play againts a noob you will win :P

Puppet Hockey - Enjoy playing hockey at the Comfort of your Home !

Puppet Hockey is a fun to play online hockey game. It's just one in the series of many puppet games avaliable for play. Choose among many characters and countries to play online againts your best friend or a computer! Let's see who will score more goals and win the trophy and the audience for himself?